The wholesale and distributor business can be a tough one. Fire, flood and damaging storms can harm your products and warehouse. Thieves and suply chain can also disrupt your operations.

Auto Parts & Supplies Distributors

Auto parts & supplies wholesalers provide a wide range of auto parts and supplies.

Plumbing Supplies & Fixtures Distributors

Plumbing supplies distributors recieve a wide range of items from foreign and/or domestic manufacturs for distribution to retailers, commercial builders and other commercial establishment.

Produce Distributors

Produce distributors are tasked with importing, buying and selling, transporting food in their care, custody and control.

Baking Distributors with Cooking

Baking distributors produce baked goods that are mass produced in large quantities and distribute to grocery stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

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Maximum Property Values

$10 M per location

$15 M per policy

Maximum Sales Values 

$15 M per location

$15 M per policy


$5 M

Optional Coverages

Business Income for Off-Premises Utility Services

Business Income for Dependant Properties

Business Personal Property (seasonal increase) & more…

Availale Lines

Workers’ Comp
Business Auto

Target SIC Codes

51471 | Meat, Fish  Poultry Distributor
50641 | Heating & Air Conditioning Distributor 
50231 | Floor Covering Distributor 
50741 | Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Distributor
51931 | Bakery Distributor with Cooking 
42631 | Janitorial Supply Distributor 
51371 | Cloting Distributor – Ladies & Girls
42691 | Telephone Pager & Beeper Distributor 
50851 | Barber & Beauty Supply Distributor 
50941 | Jewelry Distributor 
50131 | Auto Parts & Supplies Distributor 
50721 | Hardware Distributor 
51481 | Produce Distributor 
51131 | Gifts Distributor
42571 | Electrical Equipment Distributor

*Ask us about other Wholesale/Distributors classes.ry

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