Business & Personal Services


Business & Personal Services

The demand for business and personal services hasn’t changed. However, the coverage of these businesses needs has. Greater reliance on technology for business processes and record keeping and an increase in cyber threats. 

Advertising, Graphics Design & Other Media

Most small advertising, graphics design and media services purchase a (BOP). It helps in the same way a homeowners policy protects your home and personal posessions.


Successful companies share something in common: Many hire consultants with specialized epertise. Consultants occupy a growing segment of business services that answer their clients needs.

Salons – Personal Care

Your barber shop or beauty salon depends on you servicing your clients. However, sometimes things happen beyond your control.

Pet Groomers & Vets

The pets you groom, whether blue ribbon winners or adorable companions, means a lot to your customers. You help them thrive.

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Maximum Property Values

$20 M per location

$40 M per policy total

Maximum Sales Values

$25 M per location

$40 M per policy total


$15 M

Optional Coverages

Business Income for Cloud Service Interruption

Business Income for Essential Personal

Employee Tools & Equipment and more…

Available Lines

Workers’ Comp
Business Auto

Target SIC Codes 

10611 | Day Spas
65141 | Medical Office – Physicians 
65741 | Lawers & Law Firms
65671 | Medical Office – Dentists
65151 | Veterinarians
72611 | Funeral Directors
80721 | Dental Labs
59954 | Optical Goods
65111 | Accounting & Auditing
65871 | Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers
42791 | Telemarketing
65831 | Advertising
65881 | Business & Management Consultants 
65891 | Computer Consultants 
65781 | Consultants (not otherwise classified) 
8742 | Wedding Consultants 
7299 | Environmental Consultants 
8111 | Financial Planning Consultants

*Ask us about other business & personal sevices classes.

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